Enlarging Your Penis With Penis Stretching

It seems that women are often insecure in their appearance. But do you know that the same things also happen to men? This is true especially when it comes to penis size. Some people are very insecure about their penis size that they would do anything to enlarge it. One of the safest and the most popular way of doing it is penis stretching. Despite the name, penis stretching is not just about stretching and pulling your penis until it gets longer. There are ways of how penis stretching could work. Here are the most detailed explanations about this method.

Basic Penis Stretching

Before we find out how penis stretching works, we should know how to do a penis stretch. It is easy enough to do. First, using your hand, grip the head of your penis and stretch it horizontally. You should pull it just until you are comfortable with the pulling. Do not pull it too much that it can be painful. After you pull it, stay in that position about ten to fifteen second and release it. Do this several times until you have reached four times in counting the total time of one minute.

How It Works

Penis stretch is aimed to elongate the penis rather than widen the girth. If you want to expand the girth of your penis, there is another exercise called jelqing. Penis stretch is the same just like going to the gym and enlarge your muscle. The muscle in your penis is stretched and broken down just like your bicep would be broken down when doing a pull-up. It would then be built again with more muscle. Therefore, it will add muscle mass to your penis, and that is how your penis can be elongated by stretching.

Warning of Penis Stretching

There are some things that should take into consideration when performing penis stretching. This is important so that you can avoid any unnecessary injury while performing the exercise. First, you should not stretch your penis more if you feel any slight pain in your penis. Pain is no right and should be a sign to stop. You should also avoid doing it every so often because you need time for the muscle to heal. If you do it too often, it might lead to injury. You should only do this twice a day in the morning and the evening.

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