Breathing To Last Longer In Bed


If you want to blow a woman’s mind in the bedroom, most women need slow deep thrusting during intercourse to achieve vaginal orgasm. It can take 25 minutes to have a g-spot orgasm; 45 minutes for life-changing cervical orgasm. And I can tell you from talking to thousands of women all the time that one of the things they wish from deep inside is to orgasm through vaginal penetration. In this article, I’m going to share with your unconventional steps to being able to last high longer in the bedroom.

So guys if you really want to last long enough to give your woman maximum pleasure, thinking about things like a dirty ashtray, baseball mother, Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day; they might prolong things for a minute or so just a little bit longer, but they are not going to get you to the 45 minute so you can actually bring her to a rocky orgasm.

The first step is a mind state. So it can be easy to slip into a disempowered mind state think “may ejaculation just happens.” It is important to take control; you are the master of your sexuality, you get to decide when you are and when you are not going to ejaculate and how long you are going to last.

Step 2 – deep relaxation. So tension and stress are the ultimate killers of the penile marathon. So you need to relax, when you are tensed and stressed, it forces pressure and sensitivity into the tip of your p***s way too overwhelming, and you are not going to be able to control ejaculation in that way. When you relax the muscles of your pelvis very consciously that allows your sexual energy to flow in and up through your body; that makes getting turned on more manageable so that you can last longer.

deep relaxation

The science behind this is that ejaculation is a reflex of sympathetic nervous system. If you stay relaxed, you are going to be in the parasympathetic zone of your nervous system that makes it much harder for your body to trigger the ejaculation response.

Also, the excellent addition to these breathing techniques will be taking some natural anti premature ejaculation supplements to last longer in bed. These pills always contain herbs that are known to enhance male sexual health and particularly improving his stamina and endurance in bed, giving him more control over his climax.

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